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Apr. 24th, 2020 07:43 am
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WREN ▐ 16
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Character Name: Wren
Age: 16
House: fire
Mythological Creature: Harpy
Myth behind the creature: general idea here, with other more species-specific details here because people are awesome and outline this shit.
Appearance: Jord Liddell in all his ridiculous tattooed glory?
Abilities: superhuman eyesight, speed, and agility, hollow bones, flight. disorienting harpy-scream. weather-sense but he's not the best at it; he can anticipate maybe a day or so ahead of time. can hold a human form for 3-4 hours. doesn't play well with electricity or magic.
- resentment as a kid over Golden Boy Jay hogging all the everything from mom; Jay was the weakest, and the weirdest, and the least helpful for survival-type scenarios as far as he was concerned, and stole the most attention from mom because for some reason she liked him best
- which resulted in bullying like Whoa because Jay continued to survive with the rest of the flock and refused to fall in line and had to be Different and Different is Dangerous/Wrong when survival is the main objective, so as far as he's concerned he only has one brother anyway
- resents his mom more than a little (okay, a lot) for preferring Jay over the rest of them. It wasn't like she wasn't around, it was just EXTREMELY apparent she liked Jay better when everything in their culture and way of life said she should have just let him go already
- it got better after Jay got kicked out because she finally made the "right" decision as far as he was concerned. and she IS his mother, after all, she was always around and within reach. he felt maybe a TINY bit bad after because she got so down about it, and he's not completely heartless, he did what he could to cheer her up after. suffice to say things are Complicated
- took off before the flock fell apart because he figured he'd do better without having to rely on the rest of them
- adrenaline junkie and maker of questionable life choices often; after a lifetime of fighting for survival by tooth and talon, he's made it a habit to face things head-on and show no fear. Fear is for the weak, that was the one lesson, if nothing else, that he learned from the flock. Those who are paralyzed by fear end up dead one way or another.
Consequently, he operates mostly on instinct and not thinking past one or two moves ahead, if that. Live in the moment, because you don't know if you'll get to see tomorrow, right?
- likes to keep people at arm's length although he also tends to at least act friendly enough. It's a survival thing; maybe 'friends' will be useful, but don't get too attached because they may die or screw you over somehow. or drag you down in the end and get YOU killed
- probably the kind of guy who's fun to be around but terrible as a long-term friend because of that inherent "needs to mock the weak" thing
- tends to pick fights/get himself into bigger trouble than he's entirely equipped to deal with because he's used to having to constantly be on the defensive so why not cut it off at the pass and have it on your own terms, right?
- which has resulted in a tendency to move from place to place a lot to avoid the worst of it
- the Academy was a chance at avoiding the worst yet! and turning over a new leaf maybe when his mom told him about it. life is hard for Harpies and Myths, a chance at something like TV/Hollywood normalcy would be nice
Anything else:

learn to fly; if you can't then you just freefall

May we all do a little bit better than the first time, learn a little something from the worst times, get a little stronger from the hurt times.
May we all get to have a chance to ride the fast one, walk away wiser when we crashed one, keep hoping that the best one is the last one


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